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这个好像不在内地播放 资源就更少了~~

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一篇英文演讲稿。主题:A Typical Chinese Teacher. 围绕:1.who th...

Today I would like to share the story of a typical chinese teacher. Although she is typical, but she is someone whom I hold dearly in my heart. She is Mdm Zhang. She teaches Chinese LITerature in my High School and was my form teacher for 3 years.
She is a friendly and Approachable teacher that will never fail to stop to answer queries of slower students. She uses interesting stories to make students enjoy her lessons and topics. Sometimes she will even play videos or movies or games to promote active learning.
It is because of Mdm Zhang that I am able to score well in my Chinese Literature. She make me understand and appreciate my own culture and feel proud of my identity. I hope to become someone as inspiring as her someday.

CHINESE丰满人妻VIDEOS _ chinese丰满人妻videos一HD高