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shreds by the film wrITers and the directors of each film installment. each movie had missing elements, and too each fan, each missing element means different things. i thought the film was great, compared to some of the other installments in this series....lets just all hope that splitting the last book into 2 films will give the director/writers more of an opportunity to be more true to j.k. rowlings original work.

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july 16, 9:43 pm

joe belcastro says:

to jennifer and hp...

i feel for people that have read the book like yourselves. clearly, they missed the boat on this one. i was delicate in my review for i have not read any of the books. however, i could tell that elements must have been left out because nothing happened until the end. this is the first time i"ve heard fans of the book really have a problem with this adaptation.

thank you both for not including spoilers in your comments!

july 16, 9:39 pm

hp says:

the movie was... ugh. i can"t even describe it. the movie staff had a long time to make the movie good, but they couldn"t. it was so boring and unepic (the closest being was the ending).

i hated how they disregarded the history of the gaunts (especially since vpldemort is the"heir of slytherin" and love potions are essential plot elements in the movie itself). they also disregarded the moaning myrtle scene in the bathroom.

most of all, the battle at the end of the movie was chopped up. there was hardly any resistance from the school faculty. it felt to me that the teachers knew of the attack and were just trying to hide students instead of starting any real war.

if anything, i believe that the hp staff just wanted to reel in money. they gave the movie a pg rating, as opposed to pg-13, so parents can bring their little kids to the film. as a result, they chopped up any real"violence," hence the final battle.

july 16, 9:10 pm

jennifer says:

this movie was stupid because it was hardly nothing like the book and it left out so many important details that leads to the next movie/book and it didn"t explain anything and the worst part was that they did not do the major battle at the end of the movie like in the book. that was the main part i was looking forward to and it didn"t happen. the two other people i went with agreed that is was stupid even though they didn"t read the book because it did not explain anything. i was very angry with the movie. it should keep the same director for all movies instead of having directors that are completly ruining the book. it was not necessary to add many things to the movie that was not in the book rather than adding what was in the book.

july 16, 8:50 pm